My Story with Planned Parenthood

As cliche as it may sound, I felt like an ugly duckling when I was younger. I was teased and bullied for being different, mainly because I was Asian in a predominantly Caucasian town. I never felt like I was pretty enough for guys to notice me. However, that changed during my high school days; I started to get attention from guys, which led me to some unproud decisions from being too trusting with the guys I was intimate with back then.

I knew I needed to see a gynecologist, but I was terrified to tell my parents and feared being disowned. (Eventually, I did tell my parents.) Luckily, I was able to confide in a few close, trusted friends with my regretful decisions. One of those friends did some research and told me about a health center called Planned Parenthood. Shortly after, I headed to the nearest Planned Parenthood location with my supportive friend. Although I was a scared teenager, the staff at Planned Parenthood treated me like any other patient at a doctor office in a waiting room filled with women and men of all ages. Planned Parenthood provided me the same screening and testing I would normally have at a gynecologist office nowadays.

In recent news, Planned Parenthood has been falsely and negatively portrayed. Planned Parenthood health centers are not so-called “abortion factories.” Planned Parenthood is a health care provider that services both women and men who cannot afford to go to private specialists. They have services for women’s health, men’s health, general health care, and much more. Planned Parenthood provide patients with the same level of care, services, and professionalism as patients who would seek health care services at a private specialist office.

Learn more about Planned Parenthood’s mission and services at www.plannedparenthood.orgHow does Planned Parenthood get its funding?

In efforts to give back, I will be donating 15% of all earnings from my Shop Style Unleash to Planned Parenthood on sales made between 1/21/17 to 3/31/17. Also, you can donate directly to Planned Parenthood (click here) on federal and local levels. If you have your own Planned Parenthood story, I encourage you to share your story. Your voice matters!

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