NYFW Fall/Winter 2017

In early February, I had the pleasure of attending several Fall/Winter 2017 fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. Most of the shows I attended were in collaboration with Chic Galleria. Thank you Fashion Gallery, BFD.PR, AMP3 PR, and HL Group for another amazing season! Below are some of my favorite looks from the runway. I’ve also linked the designers’ pages. Go check them out! Which are your favorite looks?

Fashion Gallery Fashion Shows:
Emerging Designers:
Line Skjervheim Gilhuus@linegilhuus
Line Skjervheim Gilhuus 1 Line Skjervheim Gilhuus 2 Line Skjervheim Gilhuus 3 Line Skjervheim Gilhuus 4 Line Skjervheim Gilhuus 5

Lisa Anker-Rasch Strom@raschlisa
Lisa Anker-Rasch Strom 1 Lisa Anker-Rasch Strom 2 Lisa Anker-Rasch Strom 3

Keminevar 1 Keminevar 2

Chapman McIntyre@chapmanmcintyre
Chapman McIntyre 1 Chapman McIntyre 2

Antidote 1 Antidote 2 Antidote 3

Mondo Guerra@mondoguerra
Mondo Guerra 1 Mondo Guerra 2 Mondo Guerra 3
Mondo Guerra 4 Mondo Guerra 5 Mondo Guerra 6 Mondo Guerra 7 Mondo Guerra 8 Mondo Guerra 9

NYFW Fall/Winter 2017: Nolcha Shows
Mariana Valentina@marianavalentina.official
Mariana Valentina 1 Mariana Valentina 2

Son Collection#soncollection
Son Collection 1 Son Collection 2

Lavanya Coodly | @lavanyacoodly
Lavanya Coodly 1 Lavanya Coodly 2 Lavanya Coodly 3

Acid NYC | @acidnyc
Acid NYC 1 Acid NYC 2 Acid NYC 3 Acid NYC 4 Acid NYC 5 Acid NYC 6

Samantha Leibowitz | @samanthaleibowitzny
Samantha Leibowitz 1 Samantha Leibowitz 2 Samantha Leibowitz 3

CAAFD – Emerging Designers:
Sumy Kujon@sumykujon
Sumy Kujon 1 Sumy Kujon 2 Sumy Kujon 3

Chicca Lualdi@chiccalualdi_
Chicca Lualdi 1 Chicca Lualdi 2 Chicca Lualdi 3Chicca Lualdi 4 Chicca Lualdi 5 Chicca Lualdi 6 Chicca Lualdi 7 Chicca Lualdi 8 Chicca Lualdi 9

Watch the runway videos on my Facebook page, including videos from the below list of designers.
S’MM | @smm_nyc
Heggy Gonzalez@heggyhair
Antinoo Menswear@antinoomenswear
Saku New York@saku_newyork
Chelbe | @chelbefashions
Just In Case@justincase_official
Stevenson University@stevensonuniversity
Chi Zhang@chizhangdesign
Irina Vitjaz | @irina_vitjaz

J Autumn Fashion Show: New York 2016

On October 23rd, I had the pleasure of attending the J Autumn Fashion Show in New York in collaboration with Chic Galleria. It was quite the experience as the show was taken place on the AIDAluna cruise ship. Thank you Jessica Minh Anh and J Model Management for a wonderfully presented show exhibiting beautiful collections from these talented global emerging designers. I cannot wait to see what is next for these designers!

Debaj Collection:
Debaj Collection 1
Debaj Collection 2
Debaj Collection 3
Debaj Collection 4

Ani Alvarez Calderon:
Ani Alvarez Calderon 1
Ani Alvarez Calderon 2
Ani Alvarez Calderon 3
Ani Alvarez Calderon 4
Ani Alvarez Calderon 5
Ani Alvarez Calderon 6
Ani Alvarez Calderon 7
Ani Alvarez Calderon 8
Ani Alvarez Calderon 9
Ani Alvarez Calderon 10
Ani Alvarez Calderon 11
Ani Alvarez Calderon 12

Teresa Rosati:
Teresa Rosati 1
Teresa Rosati 2
Teresa Rosati 3
Teresa Rosati 4
Teresa Rosati 5
Teresa Rosati 6
Teresa Rosati 7
Teresa Rosati 8
Teresa Rosati 9

Rouba. G:
Rouba. G 1
Rouba. G 2
Rouba. G 3
Rouba. G 4
Rouba. G 5

VONE by Ivonne Magdalena:
VONE by Ivonne Magdalena 1
VONE by Ivonne Magdalena 2
VONE by Ivonne Magdalena 3

Chotronette 1
Chotronette 2

Eden Haute Couture by Zeina Halabi:
Eden Haute Couture by Zeina Halabi 1
Eden Haute Couture by Zeina Halabi 2
Eden Haute Couture by Zeina Halabi 3
Eden Haute Couture by Zeina Halabi 4
Eden Haute Couture by Zeina Halabi 5
Eden Haute Couture by Zeina Halabi 6